32 Feet Containers and Trailers

Fully-secured containers engineered to carry commercial, automotive, pharmaceuticals and food cargo .
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32 Feet Containers:

Type of vehicle – 4-6 Wheels

These containers are meant to carry volumetric goods safely.  The versatility of these containers makes it an ideal choice for numerous industries ranging from automobile, pharmaceuticals to food and poultry.

The enclosed design allows them to carry costly goods even in geographically unsafe locations with ease and safety. 

Here's what you can carry in these containers:


Whether dry goods or perishable, temperature-sensitive products, these containers are equipped with temperature regulation to carry this type of cargo over long routes without causing spoilage or bacterial contamination.

Automobiles &
Spare parts

Containers and in some cases, trailers are specially built to withstand the heavy load exerted by these vehicles. Depending on the vehicle, different containers can be used for safe loading/unloading.

Machinery &

Factory parts used in heavy and light machinery are transported in moisture-free containers to avoid rusting. Specialized drying units are created with regular monitoring of humidity. Apart from these, electronic goods can also be transported over longer routes at cheaper costs.


Type of vehicle – 12-18 Wheels
(Length Dimensions 40 Feet)
We offer “On-Demand”, Low bed and semi-low bed trailers. Trailer can be advantageous due to following reasons:

Easy Transportation of bulky goods

Here are different types of trailers and their usage:

Flatbed Trailers

One of the most popular kinds of trailers is the flatbed trailer. Steel coils and timber may both be transported in these trailers. There are no confining boxes to protect the contents being shipped because it is an open container.

Dry Van

Flatbeds with a box surrounding them are called dry vans. These offer a weatherproof substitute for storing the load in a dry space. Dry vans are typically used by grocery shops to transport products including food, electronics, and clothing.

Temp-Controlled Trailer

Dry vans comprise many chilled trailers. However, they are also insulated. To keep the products in storage fresh, they use a cooling system. These trailers are typically used for frozen food. Pharmaceutical products are occasionally delivered as well.

Extendable Flatbed Trailers

They are precisely what they sound like. These flatbeds may extend from around 43 feet to 80 feet in length. Long loads may be supported by the extended flatbed trailers, so there is no need to worry about the cargo protruding over the side.

Extendable Double Drop Trailer

When utilizing a conventional double drop trailer, goods that are much longer cannot be transported. Hence, extendable double drop trailers are employed. Freight containers and construction machinery are the most often transported products.

Multi-car Trailers

It is essential to note these trailers since they are so typical. Technically speaking, they are speciality carriers with different restrictions depending on the state you’re in. Anywhere they go, they can transport two automobiles up to eight cars.


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